Part 1 – Year 3 – Semester 2

BA (Hons) Architecture – Year 3 – Semester 2 – ‘The transparent Organ builders’

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Designed to sit on Warner street, Clerkenwell, this design pre-empted the return of Sir Simon Rattle from his current position in Berlin, to the London Symphony Orchestra at a proposed new concert hall near the Barbican, London.

There is currently a declining list of organ manufacturers left in the world that have the expertise to produce a large pipe organ, such as the type that would be required for the new concert hall in London. It is a dieing profession and the skills required are currently not being passed on.

To counteract this on-going tragedy, my design sought to include the following:

1/. A school of craft, utilising the facade and structure of an existing Victorian school building.

2/. An Organ manufacturing workshop with the capability of accommodating a large four storey pipe organ. With enough flexibility to move large portions of work depending on the current project at the time.

3/. A variety of viewing platforms providing a ‘during office hours’ public facing element, revitalising interest in the trade.

4/. A removable front facade allowing relocation of a finished Organ unit.

5/. A transparent facade providing an ‘out of office hours’ public viewing element to each build.