Part 1 – Year 3 – Semester 1

BA (Hons) Architecture – Year 3 – Semester 1 – ‘Aalvar Aalto’ link building.

djarchitecture, dj:architecture, university

djarchitecture, dj:architecture, university


This project was based around a minor competition, completed over a very minimal timescale and the given location was stated as adjacent to the Jyvaskyla university campus in central Finland. The site sits to the extent of the Ruusupuisto park and the project is sited between both the ‘Museum of Central Finland’ and the ‘Museum of Alvar Aalto’ and was to serve as a link extension to allow internal movement between the two buildings.

The final scheme I presented gave indication of where chosen materials had been utilised to create a sense of movement from both inside and outside of the proposed building.

The scheme I decided was to fit respectfully into the listed surroundings and compliment the heavily wooded Finnish background by matching with the existing museum buildings known so well by local Finnish people and visitors alike.

Seen above looking straight ahead is a view up onto the upper bridge but also through the ‘A-frames’ into the upper floor of the Alvar Aalto museum. Turning right onto the bridge, the user would be met with a panoramic view of the Finnish landscape through the upper window opposite.

Full height structural glazing to the front elevation provided lighting to the room but also provided transparency from the road frontage. In addition to this, natural light was flooded in from above using the ‘A-frame’ structures surrounding rooflights.

Transparent louvred glass between ‘A-frames’ provided visual access to the museum workshop without allowing physical access. Free access however was maintained to the kitchen / cafe by a new opening into the ground floor Alvar Aalto museum.

The most direct route between the spaces is dominated by an exhibition of touchable items and furniture mocking the original items held in the surrounding museums, available to sit on and enjoy.

Materials to the front elevation of the proposal consisted of Ceramic tiled cladding, Large format Tiled Plynth and White render. These materials wrapped around the elevation from the surrounding buildings and intertwine to suggest a feeling of movement, promoting the link between the two museums being a fluid link.