Part 1 – Year 2 – Semester 2

BA (Hons) Architecture – Year 2 – Semester 2 – ‘Take a seat’

djarchitecture, dj:architecture, university

djarchitecture, dj:architecture, university

Based on Southampton way, South London, this project sought to address several issues present in the area, an area which post research portrayed itself as ‘in need of a positive regeneration’, whilst being sensitive in not pushing families and ‘people in need’ out of the area.

The programme provided by the scheme, presented above, included the following:

1/. A much needed ‘destination’ for the area / a place to gather.

2/. A home for local elderly residents with accompanying topiary garden.

3/. A used furniture market, supplied by donation for those in need.

4/. ‘Make and mend’ workshop providing the residents with a crucial public connection.

5/. A cafe providing a secondary crucial public connection.