Part 1 – Year 2 – Semester 1

BA (Hons) Architecture – Year 2 – Semester 1 – ‘Victim of circumstance’

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During an investigative study of a large community in South London, the project brief was simply to look at the surrounding architecture on Southwark park road and around ‘The Blue’ marketplace, whilst describing (by way of my project) how the architecture is influencing said community.

Upon my second visit to the area, I was met by commotion as a teenager jumped from one of the surrounding high level walkways and into the marketplace, from here the young male fled into a local internet cafe and sat down toward the rear to start using a PC.

Seconds later, two policeman reach the bottom of the adjacent stair, having lost their suspect and the surrounding residents / other teenagers gathered in the enclosed, dark square all claiming not to know where the suspect had gone. This was a major clue as to what kind of neighbourhood I was recording.

After a short search the now gang of policemen arrested said teenager and left in a marked van, I managed to provide a witness statement and in turn a very helpful PCSO was able to  provide me with an accurate hand drawn pursuit route on the clipboard I had ready, from prior the event. It brilliantly told how the surrounding walkways and buildings had aided his initial escape.

From here I based my project around a drawn continuous section of the whole route, running through the area with a comparison at each stage to a related Olympic event to add a benchmark of speed and ability to the teenagers free-running style. I also compared each of the teenagers moves to that of the distance or time currently held as a world record.