dj – 2013 – Norwich castle

dj:architecture – October 2013 – FANN festival.

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During the Festival of Architecture – Norwich and Norfolk 2013 A senior colleague kindly invited me to be a part of a small team designing, building, transporting and exhibiting a three day interactive exhibition for children and their parents at Norwich castle, Norfolk; this whilst fitting around everyday commitments such as working in practise, family, children and university work proved a successful and valuable experience for all.

With the help of local contractors we were able to inherit building materials from an extensive office refurbishment and also base ourselves within its basement floor to build the piece in our evenings after work, after three weeks we had constructed a fully interactive exhibition called ‘Junior architects – curiosity’ and were building on the years theme – ‘follys’ to educate potential future designers in the local area about folly structures and also interpretation of space.