13th November 2016. – Unite

This weeks blog is slightly later than normal, a knock on effect of the shit storm I told you wouldn’t happen last week becoming, not only a reality, but also really interesting. Welcome Mr President.

Our Faustian Trump has now embarked on his final journey, cards on the table and one last chance at ultimate power. Americas role: its very simple, obey the establishment and give the guy a break, after all his contract with Mephistopheles will hopefully give us all the freedom we crave soon, that failing of course the ‘minorities’ not getting to him first!

This weeks reading was based around a poem called ‘Howl’ by Allen Ginsberg, a beautifully written poem from 1956, based around life’s luxuries intertwined with, or more accurately restricted by ‘the man’. The performance based text was met with heavy critique and the author arrested on grounds of writing and publishing ‘obscene material’, a sign of the times I suggest.

Looking at some of the manifesto points for Mr Trumps new America, it seems we could soon be limited once again by a higher power. Sexuality, race, cultural preference and so many elements of identity have been referenced in extreme measure throughout his campaign and it has been made perfectly clear, certain personalities or even communities are simply not welcome in the new world.

It seems then that once again we must ask whether a world without identity is feasible? A real middle finger to the establishment. I presented myself this concept before, but it always falls at the way side because of the people’s will to eat that trendy dinner, wear that heavy watch, drive that new car and park it in their idyllic suburbia. Class always exists, doesn’t it.

Of course not everyone conforms to this way of life, there are some who refuse and attempt escape of the mundane, presenting their soul to the world with free movement and free living, theoretically at least. After all, Life’s circle of working to be able to accommodate going to work from a comfortable dwelling, in an attractive new car is viscous enough without having to worry about which social class you belong to and who society wants you to sleep with at the weekend!

I would like to live in a world with no finances and where prejudice doesn’t exist, educating myself in subjects of my choice, enjoying a healthy lifestyle, with a small family, possibly back in Norfolk somewhere, taking weekend drives to the coast in my ’89 964 Porsche 911, Carrera 2 for no other reason than indulgence of course. This is just unrealistic however, for despite it being 2016 and 60 years on from the publishing of Howl, we still categorise and discriminate against people by sexual orientation and race..unbelievable!

Mr Trump of course, given the choice, would ban homosexuality, deport minorities and shut the door on the world if it meant ultimate power for his country, interesting. Of course with his new position of power, he can push his beliefs and his life ideals onto one of the most powerful countries in the world and this ripple will almost certainty have an effect worldwide.

Ultimately it should be a concern to all, that Trump does in fact have enough power to take us kicking and screaming back 60 years to a place where Howl is incredibly relevant. Not only that, but we find ourself in a position where he has significant support for his cause. Many people will have to unite to stop this happening, the Architects role In this new family I suggest is to ensure that our built environment doesn’t encourage segregation, but promotes further development of the world we have worked hard to create; Shop owners will have to continue support their multicultural custom base and the government to ensure our countries are united by fair trade. I implore you to find your role, not panic and certainly don’t help build any large walls and for now, until next week that is all I can muster. For those with interest, I have placed a link for you to read Howl below!

CLICK HERE: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems-and-poets/poems/detail/49303



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