01st November 2016. – Donald Trump the Faust

I am going to touch briefly on a newly developed, alternative architecture this week, one that has been discovering itself over the past 70 years, more specifically having come to fruition in the past 470 days; influencing many, with the potential of catastrophic circumstances for all. I reference the architecture of Donald John Trump’s web of thoroughly articulated lies and deceit from which he builds his bid for presidency of the United States!

This week, I was introduced to the mythical world of ‘Faust’, in particular Goethe’s interpretation at the beginning of the 19th century. I found the story difficult to interpret and challenging to make any written response that may still contain significance in the 21st century.

So instead, I return to a thought which occurred to me whilst listening to my lecturer’s adapted version of the story – ‘my, how the Faust story shares similarity to Mr Trump’.

Faust is leader of his field, a significant influence and very wealthy; However tired and depressed with his life as a scholar, doctor, architect or philosopher (depending on which rendition you choose), he decides to take his life.

Suppose perhaps, you appear very wealthy, having dabbled publicly in real estate, investment, professional sports, beauty pageants and charity work alike. You have a narcissistic personality disorder and despite your continued attempts to hide a failing business plan of repetitive bankruptcy, it is noted that evidently you are less skilled in your field then first presented. Imagine in addition to this, your characteristics as an unskilled individual being presented with the illusion of a potential to hold, an ultimate superiority over the country which you love.  Imagine for now, as modern day Faust, you are Mr Donald Trump.

It is said that Trump decided in the late nineties, that presidency would be his. This is interesting, given that if it was indeed the moment Trump sold his soul to the devil for one last shot at ‘god status’, then he runs a parallel course of just over a twenty year contract, as Faust once did. Also interesting is a quote from the man himself, saying “2016 is my year, I have one chance, 2020 is a mid-term and by the 2024 election I shall be 77 years old, ready for retirement”, a symbolisation of his death and entrance to hell with Faust maybe?

I believe it is fair to identify Trumps ‘Mephistopheles’ as his accumulated wealth, enabling him to seek presidency. Trumps most recent tax filings suggest he funded just $100,000 toward his campaign, whereas donors have invested over $3.8 million to his candidacy. This then, surely, is the tool enabling Trumps potential rise to superiority. I only wonder the deal he has made on our behalf to seek such generous donations.

Trump’s shambolic and at times outrageous campaign makes the choice of our character Gretchen, a varied and difficult one. Perhaps he has quite literally ‘seduced a beautiful and innocent woman’ along the way (see recent news articles about the art of groping female fans with innocence). Perhaps we can reference a fragile relationship between America and the developing world, with a threat of destruction through the building of walls and flourishing friendships with powerful dictators. Perhaps it is the seemingly love-hate relationship Trump possesses with his finances and the investment market, that ultimately he could have complete control over.

I don’t wish to dwell on these possibilities, what I wish to do instead is to bring this Faust – Trump comparison to an end whilst I am still enjoying myself and the stark reality of this s**t shower hasn’t hit home. I hope that America, for all our sake makes the right decision this week. The potential ending to Trumps Faustian story, is his election to presidency, (the end of his 24 year contract with the devil) and the start of our journey accompanying Trump to a world of instability, inequality and dictatorship, otherwise known as hell. Let us hope, my play at comparison on this occasion at least is deadly wrong!

CLICK HERE: ‘Goethe’s Faust’ – A brief summary. – http://www.gradesaver.com/goethes-faust/study-guide/summary

CLICK HERE: Trump and his right to Grope women.

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