07th October 2016. – Architectural fashion

I never really enjoyed the architecture that Zaha Hadid produced; I guess the fluid forms left me with more questions than answers and for me represented lack of care, disconnection and unnecessary indulgence. To be honest I know very little of Patrick Schumacher, whom of course sits as the successor for the Hadid brand. I am going to paraphrase briefly the words of Rowan Moore of the Guardian from a recent article entitled ‘Zaha Hadid’s successor: my blueprint for the future’.

Rowan’s somewhat damning rant starts by stating Patrik Schumacher is an architect who thinks the world needs unfettered capitalism, he then continues to remark that Schumacher loves Brexit and is unapologetic about working for dictatorships; whilst simultaneously labelling him as the ‘high priest of parametricism’, a philosophy he suggests believes in itself, successful enough to replace all alternatives in a simple carefree manner.

For those, like me who have very little, if any knowledge of the world of parametrics, to break the concept down simply, all the parameters a client desires could be fed into computer software and theoretically that information can produce a fluid, free-form building, that allows every element of the brief to gel into a near perfect product of the future.

Rowan’s article continues to explore the subject of innovative technologies with Schumacher, referencing in brief concepts of fashion that he produced for an exhibition to be shown at a London gallery this month. Interestingly he isn’t the first Architect to go down this route, in fact amongst others, Zaha herself has been involved in a collaboration with the brand ‘United Nude’ on a couple of occasions; Producing shoes for which she took inspiration from structural challenges in her architecture, this is where my interest in the Hadid brand perhaps nonsensically peaked.

Whilst I previously mentioned that I never really engaged with Zaha’s designs, I did become a huge fan of her dip into the world of fashion.

The idea that Schumacher may take the title given to him by Rowan Moore and use his powers in parametricism to lead the way in producing an elegant, futuristic suit, excites me.

I like the idea that I could soon be able to walk from my bed in a bladerunner-esque setting and step into a Grey or Black suit that will cater for my morning run, the cycle commute through London and my day at the office, without thought for a shower or maintaining my appearance. Maybe I could be more relaxed, more efficient and more engaged with the world around me if parametricism took care of my wardrobe. Just maybe, the image of all those crass, fluid and free-form buildings has blinded me from the opportunities this concept may offer.

One thing is for sure, I will be engaging with the Hadid brand from now on, as trivial a sign, I do believe this could be a sign. For now, let’s see how things go..

CLICK HERE:  Zaha Hadid for United Nude – The Collaboration.

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